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Creativity & Mindfulness - Book Review

  I highly recommend the new book, “Emergence: The Role of Mindfulness in Creativity” by Rosie Rosenzweig. She presents creativity in a way we have not seen in ages. Or ever. It is an intriguing book which includes how quite different individuals achieve their creativity flow with a beautiful awareness of humanity. She unravels the congestion the western world has put upon the word’s ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’. Her clarifications in how we see these concepts is long overdue. Loved this book and the exquisite way she breathed life back into this artist.   Enable Ginger Cannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection or reload the browser Disable in this text field Edit Edit in Ginger Edit in Ginger ×
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Python - Learn for Free

Python free resources. Newbies to the language or coding itself. Before you go and start bouncing around on websites, read this first: A lot of people tend to learn through YouTube. However, it is strongly suggested you first go to the website and follow their instructions. You need to log into the official website and follow the instructions. It will tell you have to download and install it. Plus it has all the documentation. STACK OVERFLOW (1) Sign up for Stack Overflow account. (2) First rule of being a successful programmer - Learn to use Google. No joke. (3) Second rule of being a successful programmer - Learn to use Stack Overflow. (4) Stack Overflow is the the website used around the world by most programmers. Learn to use it. YOUTUBE (1) Python Programmer - h ttps:// (2) SentDex - (3) Python Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course] -

NaNoWriMo - Join Me?

I'm finally doing it! After all these years. I'm doing NaNoWriMo! It's a bit scary when first considering it. 1,670 words a day, everyday, for the month of November. Write one, long book during that time. With the goal of 50,000 words (minimum) by end of November 30th. Truth is, it's not as hard or as scary as it sounds. Some of my days  will be more productive and make up for the days when I'm overwhelmed with life and unable to write as much. Also, when I log my progress on their website, no one actually sees what I write. I actually never show anyone what I wrote. Unless I want to. A NaNoWriMo veteran made sure I knew that I was to write furiously and with ZERO edits during this time. First rough draft only. Do NOT go back and edit, no matter how badly I wanted to. It's how this fantastic annual writing event works! Many people have gone on to publish what they wrote during that November. After heavy editing, of course. Reminder: Only editing AFTER November

Favorite Knitting Help

Knitting is a forever-learning craft. Sometimes answers are hard to find. Sharing my go-to knitting resources accumulated over the years. I would love you to share your favorite resource!  Absolute Favorite Sites Handy Knitting Calculators and Charts  - This website contains other calculators you will use over and over again! Also, look at the bottom of the page to links of other useful tidbits of information! Knitting Calculator - Want to know how much yarn you will need to knit that women's sweater? What about when you want to use a specific weight of yarn? This is the only website I can find that does these calculations for you!!! Ravelry - The world's largest collection of free knitting patterns! Did you know that it allows you to do amazingly detailed searches? You can even save these searches and get alerted when n

Platonic Friendships

  Photo by Peter Conlan. Friends are a strange lot. The definition of friend changes over the course of our lives. It means different things to different people. We have different expectations for different friends. When I was a child, a friend was someone I got along with and played with. Best friend was someone I did this with frequently and who I could also trust. Sometimes they broke my trust, but I’m sure I did the same. Friendships evolved as the teen years arrived. I continued to have friends of both genders, but things became complicated by hormones. Inevitably, one side would develop a crush on the other. Ray, my best friend, and I thought we might be perfect as a couple since we were fantastic as best friends. We attempted a kiss while alone in his truck one Saturday night. Almost as soon as the kiss started it ended with both of us backing away immediately. We just gaped at one another. Slight disgust was apparent on both faces. We agreed it felt too familiar and to neve

Anxiety Coping

My anxiety is through the roof. Surgery on my right elbow tomorrow. It is more than that. It is everything going on my life at the moment. Too much happening at once, yet so many things I need to do and can’t get done soon enough. Some timelines are beyond my control. Thankfully, I have a great therapist to talk this through with. She is actually the one who suggested I blog about my anxiety today. I am overwhelmed and want to avoid the world. Anyone else’s anxiety manifest in that manner? Avoidance? It’s a horrible habit. I wouldn’t recommend it. Your brain and your body scream for you to do anything but what you need to do. Sleep, knit, watch TV, but don’t do what you need to do. Even if it is something I might enjoy, I still avoid it. Avoidance habit is so debilitating. The more you do it, the worse it gets. The act of succumbing to it reinforces it and makes it worse. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t always react to anxiety this way. Not even under the most extreme pressures. My min

Writing Resources on Instagram

WRITERS!  Why aren't you using Instagram yet?  Use Instagram as a writing resource and to share your writing! 1 st Way - Hashtags to find the writing community on Instagram (1) #writersofinstagram (2) #writerscommunity (3) #writingprompts (4) #writinginspiration (5) #writerlife (6) #amwriting (7) #amediting (8) #bookstagram (9) #nanowrimo (10) #askagent (11) the name of your city or state + writers (12) your genre + writers, writing, or books (13) the name of an author 2 nd Way - Search ideas for visual research on Instagram (1) Where your story is such as City, State, or Country. (2) Search for people who look like your characters. (3) A Noun you are writing about. (4) Looking for inspiration? Search for the topic of your story. (5) More inspiration? Search the topic you blog about! (6) Discover quotes by people relevant/important to your topic.  (7) The look of your story. Is it Victorian times? Search for a Victorian ho