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Writing Resources to Check Out!

  Should you pay for writing resources? No! Internet is full of fantastic free software and websites to help your writing. Take advantage of them! Here are a few of my favorites... Bhooks - Fantastic way to get feedback on your writing. Or find some great reads. Read, write, or share feedback. Make friends with like-minded people. / Writing It Out - Excellent blogging guide for writing and editing.   HemingWay App - Online AI editor. Follow the instructions on their website to understand what each color means. This editor rivals many of the AI editors one could pay for.   Apollo Pad - ApolloPad is a feature-packed online writing environment that will help you finish your novels, ebooks, and short stories.   Wavemaker - Novel planning and writing software that runs on any platform.   Quoll Writer - A writing application that lets you focus on your wo
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Redefining My Flaws - Haiku

  Photo By Kyaw Tun on Unsplash My flaws, not failure  But my uniqueness of self  Dimensions of me

Quick Knit Patterns for Last Minute Gifts!

  Generations Purse Don’t panic if you need to make a gift quickly! Browse through this extensive list of ideas for small, free, fast, and cute knit patterns which are perfect as gifts! If nothing else, hopefully the list will inspire you on ideas! Have fun! I would absolutely love to see your finished projects in the comments section! And it would be fantastic to hear what patterns you think I should add to this list! Please let me know if you discover any patterns are crochet (oops!) or have a fee. They’ll be removed immediately as this list is just for free knit patterns.   Wee Knitting Needle Bag Knitting Needle Knitting Bag Lavender Sachet Simple iPhone Cozy, Two Ways "Grrr" Cute Funny Washcloth/Dishcloth Knitted Pocket Felted (1) Coin Purse or (2) Notions Purse "A Little Bird Told Me" Cute Small Handbag/Purse Christine Bag (this is really pretty!) Beginner's Luck Pouch Square Cake Wristlet Handbag/Purse The Little Coco Bag Swa

Writing is Hard - Haiku

Effort of writing Temperamental and mean beast Can't tame the creature  

Blind Hope is Magic - Haiku

  Blind hope is magic I won’t be stuck forever Deep breath, persevere Blind hope is my best weapon in surviving trauma and the depression episodes. During depression, I’m unable to envision experiencing joy once more. The blind faith takes away my fear of never escaping that black hole. If I am patient with myself, this trick works every time.  Photo is of a quick mixed media piece. I recommend mixed media art as a fantastic way to create little messages to yourself that you can put up on your mirror or fridge. As a reminder to show yourself compassion.  Or to provide yourself positive encouragement. 

Spring - Haiku

  Birmingham Museum Trust Spring brings joy and hope  Possibilities, rebirth  Earth’s call to renew

Surviving Depression

Within despair, through the dark, it stings inside. No one appreciates the anguish I endure, resulting in me baring the burden alone. With no respite, no one wants to see the blackness that sullies my soul. Only I can pull myself through each hurricane of torrential suffering. My only saving grace is blind optimism. The belief it will get better and I will be here tomorrow. Author's Note: Photo is of my first attempt at creating an abstract painting of flowers.